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Parts for Sale

All parts and airframes are owned by San Juan Aviation and we also have quick access to domestic and international acquisitions for your parts and aircraft needs.
We specialize in Bell 206B, Bell 206L, Bell 407, Bell 430, Bell Mediums, Eurocopter BO-105's, Sikorsky S76, and a large variety of other major helicopter models. Give us a call and let us assist you in all your parts and airframe requirements. (360) 420-5305 or (360) 435-3032
*Click on images for more details and additional models for our parts ships


              Multiple 105's Available to Part Out                 

 S76A Available for Part Out.

 Wind damaged, blades not in motion, engines  and much more available.

 Call us for more details on this aircraft. 

                       N316SP BELL 206L


Several Bell 206 and 206L JetRangers available for part out.

                      Bell Jet Ranger 206B

                    ADDITIONAL PARTS LIST  

     Huge inventory of parts and accessories

Two late model Bell 430s available for part out.

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